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In addition to school Individualized Education Planning support, we are also here to help parents and families with support to insurance companies (e.g., sending a letter on your behalf to help facilitate reimbursement), to hospital and healthcare professionals (e.g., discuss your child's stuttering plan with his pediatrician, if requested), as well as providing support to teachers and school clinicians.

Frequently parents request our help to give a speech-language tutorial or training to the classroom teacher. Additionally, our services are used to aid the school speech therapist in their goal and session planning for your child who also receives school speech therapy. Your child's speech and language needs are best met with a team approach, and that can easily be facilitated with the Pediatric Speech, Language, & Learning Center advocating your child in the school setting.

While we will go to the school to meet with the team as in an IEP meeting, we are also content to participate in phone conferences and send consistent emails in which you set the time table, helping you to also have a more significant role with your school therapist through the use of a private speech therapist at the Pediatric Speech, Language, & Learning Center.

Call us today to help alleviate frustrations with doctors, aid in getting the best school therapy possible, or merely take advantage of our willingness to be on the "same page" with your school speech therapist through occasional phone calls and emails.

It's a win-win situation and one of the many benefits of receiving speech therapy at the Pediatric Speech, Language, & Learning Center.

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