Stuttering is an incoordination, of breathing, articulation, and phonation, also known as a Dysfluency. In simple terms, stuttering is considered a disruption of speech and the timing pattern of speech.

Children as young as two may demonstrate stuttering behaviors, such as repeating a word or sound such as "M-M-M-Mommy, I want juice." These repeated sounds are often in the beginning positions of words and are sometimes accompanied by eye twitching and facial grimaces while the child is struggling to state the word.

While "developmental dysfluency" is considered normal if stuttering events are less than 10 percent of a child's conversation, and occur during a normal achievement of a language milestone (e.g., combining three-to-four words to make a sentence), developmental stuttering dissipates in a matter of weeks to a couple of months and is hard to diagnose at the onset of the stuttering.

Therefore, a stuttering evaluation will be recommended to diagnose stuttering behaviors to determine if your child's stuttering is "normal" or that which requires remediation.

At the Pediatric Speech and Learning Center, your child will receive personalized goals that address their type and level of stuttering. In addition, their therapy, a combination of diaphragmatic breathing and smooth starts at the beginning of the sentence will be age-appropriate and realistic.

For example, while a pre-school child who stutters will receive more intervention through play, a middle-school aged child will work on stuttering through role-playing, practice phone calls, and peer-driven concepts.

Emily Root, the founder of Pediatric Speech, Langague & Learning Center, is one of only a small number of speech pathologists in New Jersey referred to treat stuttering by the Stuttering Foundation of America.

Trust your parental instinct, if you are concerned that stuttering may be affecting your child's utterances, schedule a consultation today. Therapy is extremely effective and is even more effective with a clinician who specializes in stuttering.


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