Summer 2015 Stuttering Groups


Stuttering groups are starting in July at the Pediatric Speech, Language, and Learning Center.

Are you looking for a short-term alternative to individual speech therapy for your child?

How about the opportunity for your child to meet someone that they can self-identify with whom also shares similar interests?

Our summer group, running hourly, once a week for 6 weeks is the perfect opportunity for your child to still work on their therapeutic goals with a clinician yet do so with a peer who understands the same challenges and frustrations that they may face.

Groups will be no bigger than three children per group, and will be based on younger children ages 8-10, as well as middle school (ages 11-13) and high school-aged range groups (ages 14-16 and 16-18).  Pre-school aged groups for children who stutter will be considered based on demand.

Whether your child is a gamer, athlete, academic achiever, introvert, social butterfly, or anything in-between, there will be an interest- and age-matched peer who stutters who will be grouped with your child based on parent information and clinical observation.

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Professional Consultation

In addition to school Individualized Education Planning support, we are also here to help parents and families with support to insurance companies (e.g., sending a letter on your behalf to help facilitate reimbursement), to hospital and healthcare professionals (e.g., discuss your child's stuttering plan with his pediatrician, if requested), as well as providing support to teachers and school clinicians.

Frequently parents request our help to give a speech-language tutorial or training to the classroom teacher. Additionally, our services are used to aid the school speech therapist in their goal and session planning for your child who also receives school speech therapy. Your child's speech and language needs are best met with a team approach, and that can easily be facilitated with the Pediatric Speech, Language, & Learning Center advocating your child in the school setting.

While we will go to the school to meet with the team as in an IEP meeting, we are also content to participate in phone conferences and send consistent emails in which you set the time table, helping you to also have a more significant role with your school therapist through the use of a private speech therapist at the Pediatric Speech, Language, & Learning Center.

Call us today to help alleviate frustrations with doctors, aid in getting the best school therapy possible, or merely take advantage of our willingness to be on the "same page" with your school speech therapist through occasional phone calls and emails. It's a win-win situation and one of the many benefits of receiving speech therapy at the Pediatric Speech, Language, & Learning Center.

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Social Skills Practice

Unlike many social skills training groups, we will not put your child in a group and expect him or her to generate conversation with another child who may not be of their age group, cognitive-, or interest-level. Nor will we write up a rote conversation or ask your child to talk to a child in a group when the conversations are obviously therapist-driven only.

Instead, we believe in addressing social skills in an individual therapy setting first, and catering the skills to your child's exact therapy needs. For example, perhaps your child is 11 and having a hard time in middle school meeting friends, or even maintaining friendships. We would then set up a plan to address why this may be occurring, and how to implement a conversational "flow" for the child so they can be ready in all peer groups.

Another example may be your teen-ager who does well with a couple of friends, but is having a hard time understanding sarcasm and humor in a larger group.

We here at the Pediatric Speech, Language, & Learning Center understand how imperative social language is for a pre-teen or teen to be accepted in a peer group, and will work through role-play, and plans based on your child's strengths and weaknesses every week to improve social language skills.

Following a period of improved social language skills one-on-one with the therapist, we will then set out to find an age-matched, cognitive-matched, and most importantly, an interest-matched peer to put the new social language foundation into use.

Your child may demonstrate excellent receptive and expressive language skills and do well academically, but you don't want to hinder their opportunity to achieve age-appropriate social language skills in a fun and safe environment at the Pediatric Speech, Language & Learning Center.

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Structured Play - Language Therapy

Here at the Pediatric Speech, Language, & Learning Center, our philosophy is based on the fact that your child is not a robot, and therefore, your child does not learn language in a conditioned, rote manner, but with more of a Generativist approach.

As in classic linguistic theory, children learn language based on an adult model and then imitate that model leading to a child's spontaneous utterances in due time. As a typical developing child hears a word, they attend to that word, store the word in their brain, and spontaneously attempt to use the word through a process that linguists refer to as "rehearsal."

Parents know this rehearsal process as young kids talking; children perfecting their grammar through mistakes and practice as they acquire developmental language milestones.

The best way to get that "rehearsal" or to maximize talking time is through play. Play can be working on pronouns with a three-year old while playing with toy figures on the floor, or working on "why?" questions with a six-year old during a game of Monopoly at the table.

Working on your child's individual language goals through structured play will also aid in their attention and social language skills. Behavior modification is excellent for modifying behaviors, but evidence-based linguistic theory has shown that your child, no matter the deficit, learns best through play and working on their individual language goals in a fun, but well-defined manner, and not in a robotic, behavior-modified style.

Schedule an appointment and help your child to improve and maximize their word use and overall language skills!

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Independent Evaluations

We will work with both you, and the school district as a second opinion to provide a full speech-language evaluation, as well as therapy for your child.

Frequently the school may request an independent evaluation from our office, in concert with their in-house, school speech evaluation. In addition, parents also often wish to have an evaluation administered to support a new IEP, or to support an existing one.

Because the Pediatric Speech, Language, & Learning Center has been helping children and their families for over ten years, our reputation as offering the most professional and unbiased speech-language services speaks for itself.

In addition, the Pediatric Speech, Language, & Learning Center offers an incomparable level of excellence and clinical competence that school districts, hospitals, and other health and educational professionals respect and recognize throughout the state of New Jersey.

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