Do you take insurance?

While we don't take insurance, we will work to help you get reimbursed if your insurance does cover speech therapy and if it covers out of network speech therapy by providing documentation letters and giving you itemized receipts ever week with specific codes used in billing.


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How long does treatment take?

Therapy depends on the diagnosis and the individual child, but of course we will work our hardest to improve your child's communication skills with the most effective techniques possible.

While some children finish speech therapy in a matter of months, others stay for a year or longer, again depending on the severity of the diagnosis.

We promise you that no matter how long or how short your stay is with us, your child will benefit from our innovative, research-based, and highly successful strategies while you and your entire family will receive the most courteous and professional treatment that families come to expect at our office.

How often does my child have to come to speech therapy?

Typically sessions are 30-minutes or 60-minutes, one-to-two times per week in our office.

We will address time and frequency upon meeting you and your child. We understand about your child's busy schedule, so evening appointments and Saturdays are available for your convenience.

Your child will receive a standing appointment time every week. Of course, if your child is sick on the day of therapy, we understand the need to cancel. If you have to cancel for non-medical reasons, you can do so at least 24-hours in advance.

Do you provide home speech therapy?

While there are some exceptions, such as if your child is medically fragile, all of our therapy is done in our family-friendly and fun office in Berkeley Heights.

Can I observe my child's sessions?

Parents are absolutely invited and encouraged to come into a session, and learn techniques that they can do at home.

If your child has separation issues, we can work on slowly separating you from your child for you to sit in the waiting room right outside the therapy room, but that can be done over time and at your comfort level.

We do have a waiting room with great magazines and wifi, so you are also welcome to sit and relax if that is your choice. At the end of every session, we will take five minutes to go over the therapy session, as well as go over homework that you can work on for the upcoming week.

What can I do for my child at home?

Your child's speech therapy will also be positively impacted by addressing speech goals in the home.

For a younger child, that may include working on joint conversational skills through play for twenty minutes a day, while a child working on sound errors will be given weekly worksheets and cards in a speech folder that family members can work on every other day.

Even working on speech goals for fifteen minutes a day in the home can decrease your child's length of speech therapy and is an excellent way to generalize progress to the home setting.


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